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SLX Productions is a Portuguese Company dedicated to Audio Visual and Film Production. Founded in 2016 by the brothers Diogo Morgado and Pedro Morgado, SLX already has a portfolio of both feature length and short films, that span genres as distinct as comedy, drama and suspense. SLX's credits also include both Portuguese and English works, some of which have been recognized and awarded both nationally and internationally.  

Created from the genuine desire to make and tell stories, SLX Productions is more than a company, it's the will, the idea behind the concept, the desire and aspiration to bring passionate and dedicated professionals together for the production of incredible stories.

Striving to offer only content of excellence, we perform all services, from pre-production to editing, with a multi-disciplinary team, who excel in every aspect of production, always with the purpose of improving and enhancing everything, and creating each project in a unique way.

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Feature Film - COMING COON

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