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Carlos and Artur are two friends accustomed to having to stretch their payckecks until the end of each month. One day, to challenge their luck, they play the lottery. The unlikely happens and they become millionaires. Driven by enthusiasm, they begin to live according to their newfound possibilities, experiencing luxuries and eccentricities with which they had only dreamed. The worst is when they realize that with the money, they seem to have acquired a "malapata" ("bad luck') that makes them jump from chance to chance, from misfortune to misfortune... 


A comedy directed by Diogo Morgado (marking his feature film directorial debut after the short films, "Break," "Excuse" and "Signal") from a script co-written with his brother, Pedro Morgado. With Rui Unas and Marco Horácio in the lead roles, the Cast also includes Luciana Abreu, Ana Malhoa, Manuel Marques, Mario Bomba, the illusionist Luís de Matos, and even the director himself​.

Malapata: Project
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